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Business and Management Master Plan (PDNG)

The Business and Management Master Plan (PDNG) is an unfolding of our Strategic Plan 2015-2030. With a five year horizon, its purpose is to present a proposal to face the challenges imposed by the current context of the country and the electricity sector. 

In order to prepare the PDNG, a thorough diagnosis of the situation of our companies is carried out, and its conclusions are used to support the definition of the priorities to be addressed in the five years.

The premises defined in the PDNG guide the preparation of the Business and Management Plans (PNG) of our companies.

Challenge 21: Sustainable Excellence - PDNG 2017-2021

Strategic Ambition: Potentiate competitive advantages in generation, transmission and commercialization, achieving corporate sustainability recognized by all stakeholders.

In order to achieve its strategic ambition of corporate sustainability, PDNG 2017-2021 involves 3 strategies and 18 initiatives: 

3 Strategic Pillars:


For the period from 2017 to 2021, an investment of R$ 35.8 billion is planned. This amount includes about R$ 10 billion related to the investments of the Angra 3 plant, whose work resumption depends on the decision of the National Council of Energy Policy (CNPE).


The sources of funds to finance the 2017-2021 investment program are: