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Compliance and Anti-corruption Practices

We take ongoing actions to promote ethics and to comply with the laws and regulations established for our business and our activities, as well as to improve the process of prevention, detection and treatment of any deviation or non-compliance that may occur.

Anti-corruption Program of the Eletrobras Companies

The purpose of the Anti-corruption Program of the Eletrobras Companies is to ensure compliance with anti-corruption laws by our companies and our employees, representatives, suppliers and business partners.

Manual of the Anti-corruption Program of the Eletrobras Companies

Eletrobras 5 Dimensions Program

Among the actions being taken to strengthen our Anti-corruption Program is the implementation of the Eletrobras 5 Dimensions Program. Know its guidelines:
Eletrobras 5 Dimensions Program
1. Development of the management environment for the integrity program: Creation of a management environment focused on corporate integrity, in which the initiatives are sponsored by the senior management and the culture is disseminated through the Boards of Directors of our companies.

2. Periodic risk analysis: Risk analysis and management with a focus on identifying and protecting the areas most exposed to events related to the risk of corruption.

3. Structuring and implementation of integrity program policies and procedures: Review and improvement of our whistleblowing channels; update of our Code of Ethics and Conduct, taking into account recent regulatory aspects; and implementation of policies and procedures that guide the conduct expected in interpersonal and business relationships, providing for penalties in cases of violation. Also in this dimension, we highlight the Manual of the Anti-corruption Program of the Eletrobras Companies.

4. Communication and training: Dissemination of the Eletrobras 5 Dimensions Program by means of communication and training actions adapted to each type of audience.

5. Program monitoring, remediation measures and penalties application: Continuous monitoring of the program, through internal audit, controls implemented in ProERP (SAP) and tests of SOX contr​ols.

Code of Ethics and Conduct

The rejection of all forms of fraud and corruption is present in our Code of Ethics and Conduct. The document was updated in 2016 with the purpose of renewing and reinforcing the importance of the ethical dimension in our work, recognizing the evolution of the concepts and legislation that serve as basis for the themes related to integrity in Brazil and abroad.

Know the Code of Ethics and Conduct of the Eletrobras Companies​

Whistleblowing Channel

Through the Whistleblowing Channel, anyone can report violations or suspected violations of our Code of Ethics and Conduct, our Anti-Corruption Program and anti-corruption laws. We ensure the anonymity and confidentiality of the reports, as well as the non-retaliation to the whistleblower.​