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​Environment Committee

The Environment Committee is a space for discussing practices and guidelines for our social and environmental issues. It is composed of managers of the environmental areas of our companies, who meet at least three times each year. It has several working groups and a topic-specific committee.

The history of the Environment Committee began in 1988, when the Coordinating Committee of the Environmental Activities of the Electric Power Sector (Comase) was created as part of a set of measures to expand our institutional action in the area of environment, bringing together technical representations of about 23 sectorial companies. In 2003 it was replaced by the Environment Committee of the Eletrobras System (Comage), subordinate to the Superior Council of the Eletrobras System (Consise). Due to the restructuring of Consise, in 2005, Comage was succeeded by the Environment Subcommittee (SCMA), subordinate to our Operation, Planning, Engineering and Environment Committee (Copem). SCMA later became the Environment Committee.​