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Environmental Actions and Project

See below some of our environmental actions and projects.

​Uatumã River Chelonians Release Project

Projeto Soltura de Quelônios do Uatumã.jpg

Since 1998, Eletrobras Amazonas GT develops the Uatumã River Chelonians project with the goal of returning chelonian babies to nature, contributing to the conservation and protection of the species. The work is carried out with the participation of the population of 30 riverine communities in the municipalities of São Sebastião do Uatumã, Urucará, Itapiranga and Silves.

Sea Turtle Monitoring Program (Promontar)​

Programa de Monitoramento das Tartarugas Marinhas - Promontar.jpg
The program was created in 2013 with the goal of monitoring the occurrence of sea turtles in the area of influence of the Angra 3 plant and treating any animals found to be weakened. At the end of 2015, the team of Promontar, with the help of local residents and employees of the Ilha Grande State Park, identified spawning of the Caretta caretta species (tartaruga-cabeçuda), a fact unheard of in Ilha Grande Bay.

Ilha Grande Bay Marine Repopulation Project (Pomar)

Projeto de Repovoamento Marinho da Baía da Ilha Grande - Pomar.jpg
The project was started in 1994 by Eletrobras Eletronuclear with the purpose of preserving scallops, a species of mollusk native to the Brazilian coast, threatened with extinction due to trawling. The project plays an important role in the training of local mariculturists, by promoting the generation of employment and income in conjunction with the incentive to the rational and sustainable use of the resources. Today, Pomar is a national reference in the production of scallops and the only project in Brazil that produces this mollusk on an industrial scale.

Cultivando Água Boa Program​

Cultivando Água Boa.jpg 

Beginning in 2013, the program includes a number of social and environmental actions related to the conservation of natural resources and biodiversity and to the promotion of quality of life in the communities of the Paraná River 3 Hydrographic Basin, where more than 1 million inhabitants live.​

Furnas Educa

Furnas Educa.jpg
The project was created in 2012 by Eletrobras Furnas in order to raise the awareness of the surrounding population of the company's ventures on the danger of burnings under towers and transmission lines, the benefits of the conscious use of electric energy and the importance of preserving the environment, as well as establish and strengthen the relationship with communities around the ventures. Since its inception, thousands of students from all regions of the country have benefited from the project.

Social and Environmental Action Program (PAS)

Programa de Ação Socioambiental - PAS.jpg
Created in 2008, it is a process of shared environmental management idealized by Eletrobras Chesf and created together with the communities of the municipalities that are part of the Paulo Afonso Hydroelectric Complex. It aims at creating an environmental management process in the spaces built from the introduction of the hydroelectric ventures that could minimize and compensate the negative impacts and optimize the positive ones.